QUALIFYDE is a comprehensive interviewing platform that enables recruiters to make data-driven hiring decisions by leveraging AI-powered assessment features and expert guidance. Recruiters can use it to shortlist applicants before inviting them to an online interview.

The integration capabilities of QUALIFYDE with ATS tools aid in the smooth management of the recruitment funnel. Without switching between tools, recruiters can use the platform to assess candidates’ skills and competencies and invite shortlisted candidates for an online interview.

The value proposition for Recruiters

  • Eases the scheduling burden
  • Improves interview performance tracking
  • Makes interviews more consistent
  • Convenient interview experience for the candidates
  • Be on the cutting-edge technology
  • Enables after-hours interviewing


  • Scheduling tools
  • Built-in video and audio capabilities
  • Candidate screening and evaluation tools
  • Proxy identification capability
  • Analytics and reporting features
  • Ease of use, reliable, secure, and scalable
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems and other HR tools

Make use of your expertise and passion in helping tech companies get the right fit candidates and guide aspiring tech enthusiasts. Start your journey to become an on-demand Tech Guru with Qualifyde

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