QUALIFYDE brings several features that can assist in managing interviews and streamlining the hiring process.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Interview scheduling: Our platform allows recruiters to easily and quickly schedule interviews based on the availability of interviewers and candidates and send invites via the platform.
  • Video interviews: Save time and money, use our built-in video interviewing capabilities to conduct virtual interviews.
  • Interview feedback: Receive prompt, unbiased feedback on the candidate’s evaluation. Feedback is available on the platform for future reference.
  • Candidate profiles: Our platform enables you to create candidate profiles and store and retrieve all information gathered during the interviewing process. This includes resumes, status updates, post-interview feedback, and a video recording of the interview.
  • Analytics and reporting: Our platform offers analytics and reporting capabilities, so you can track your hiring progress and identify areas of improvement. You can track metrics such as time-to-hire, candidate sources, and conversion rates, among others.

Overall, QUALIFYDE is designed to assist you in conducting interviews more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions and build a strong team.


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